We are

Unexpected Wonder. High-end Valueness. Brands, made of experimental differentiation.

iicombined, We are the innovative global company which has fundamentally different paradigm for retailing business. We are creating a market success brands, products, projects and evolving it in our own way over the limit. Firtst of all, We made a luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster which has over 12 Flagship store and 3 branch in the worldwide (USA, UK, China, Korea and more) launched in 2011.

Frustrated by lack of remarkable brand store we decide to make a never seen before spacialty retail space. By our valueness of high-end experimentation spritual, we have construct our own brand's PSSCS(Product, Space, Styling, Culture&Campaign, Service) identity. in consequence, we realized the different dimension branding of the most evolved retail company. We develope it and change it more and higher continuously. And our brands and members work in creativity and humanity for the people who feels the unexpected wonder fluttering with us.

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